Doubling Parking Rates to Cover a Poor Budget Is a Bad Idea for the Community

Who can I contact?

Call Mayor Klein at 262 215-3563
Call or write your Alderman who also voted for this travesty:
Alderman Hedlund at 262-203-5900
Alderman Dunn at 262-248-1074
Alderman Yunker at 262-248-7071
Alderman Howell at 262-581-6514

What is the effect of $4-dollar parking on our Community?

  • Mayor Klein’s rate hike will irreparably harm the residents, voters and the very people who put it all on the line to help make Lake Geneva a safe, and fun place to live in and visit.
  • Mayor Klein’s 100% rate hike to $4.00 an hour will gut community pocketbooks and livelihoods.
    Community Services including Churches, Charitable Businesses like Inspired Coffee and Geneva Lakes Art Foundation, the Riviera, Lake Geneva Museum and the Library will see their utilization
    rates go down.
  • $4 an Hour Parking will be ruinous to the local tourism business in Lake Geneva. $2 an hour parking has already dissuaded many, many, customers from returning to downtown Lake
    Geneva businesses.
  • People have a very large variety of destination options for eating, shopping and vacationing, and having to pay $4 an hour to park tells them to do those things elsewhere.
  • Tourism is extremely important to Lake Geneva. It supports this Community financially, as well as employing hundreds of workers. Our Mayor does not recognize or support this fact.
  • It ignores the impact that COVID has had on the local economy. Most businesses were shut down for an extended period of time. We are all digging out from those two years now.
  • And with an uncertain economy on the horizon the last thing we need is to lose customers over $4 parking.

What about the hard working people of Lake Geneva and the surrounding Communities…what is the effect on them of $4 Hourly Parking?

  • Imagine the hourly worker who could now easily have to fork over as much as a third of his or her wage to offset Klein’s numerous budget and planning miscalculations.
  • Imagine the voter who now faces Lake Geneva services being weakened because of Klein’s numerous budget and planning miscalculations.
  • It discounts the impact that businesses and employees have on our community. We employ many of our residents and neighbors who are paying for schooling, helping raise families, buying groceries, saving for transportation, paying rent and utilities. The same businesses that donate to hundreds of causes in the Community

What can be done about it?

  • To add insult to injury there are solutions to the city’s budget challenges but Klein refuses to hear them.
  • That’s right. A group of hard-working voters, city staff, Alderman, and business stakeholders all of whom love Lake Geneva were empowered by the city to generate practical budget solutions.
  • Klein apparently does not think much of Lake Geneva Voters because she said, “it’s a waste of time” to hear their ideas.
  • Let’s put our sensible minds together and put a stop to Klein’s $4/hour parking rate hike.
  • The City already has over $6 Million in surplus funds to pay the $1.8 million they are overspending this year. They don’t need additional parking revenue if they choose to continue with their mismanaged budget.
  • The City can go back and review its Budget and phase in any necessary salary increases over time …did you get a 17.8% wage increase this year?